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Pet grooming is a daunting task, especially for busy pet owners like you. However, it is a must that you groom your pet dog or cat to make them clean, healthy, and happy. Grooming has more than just aesthetic benefits. Bathing may be a simple procedure to do, but it actually makes a lot of difference to your pet’s overall health.

Sweetheart Pet Grooming is the top destination of pet owners in Loveland, CO who are looking for efficient and affordable pet grooming services. We offer a wide-range of pet grooming services, including dog and cat bathing, nail trimming, haircut, anal gland cleaning, flea baths, de-matting and de-skunking. We also have perfumes, bows, and bananas for your canine or feline buddy.

We have been in business for 11 years, and our professional pet groomers have 14 years of experience. We are confident to say that we are experts in our craft, and our clients agree on this. We have mastered techniques on how to handle dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds. Most importantly, we have devised methods that will lessen the amount of time your pets stay with us. We know how much you love your pets so we will do our best to complete our task fast yet efficiently and safely.

When pets feel clean and comfortable, they are more lovable. You will surely love them even more when they get home from their pampering session. Schedule our services today or drop by our salon where your pet is “the sweetheart.”

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