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When you hear the clicking sound as your pet walks, it’s about time to have their nails trimmed! Many pet owners overlook the importance of having their pet’s nails regularly trimmed for their overall health. The truth is that long, untrimmed nails bring more than just discomfort to your pets. It can actually cause more serious conditions such as arthritis.

However, it can be tedious and dangerous to cut your pet’s nails on your own. You may end up hurting them, or they hurt you. This is why this task is better left to the experts. Professional pet groomers like us at Sweetheart Pet Grooming has the training and experience in handling the simplest to the toughest pet nail conditions. Our pet nail trimming in Loveland, CO covers dog clipping and cat nail clipping.

Our pet groomers only use the right size and type of nail trimming equipment depending on the size and breed of your pet. It is important to understand that using the wrong tool can only worsen the condition of your pet’s nails and nail beds. You may end up cutting too long or too short, which can be very painful and may even cause bleeding.

Pets with long nails walk with difficulty because they feel extreme pain as their nails dig deeper into their paw pads as they move, they tend to compensate by putting all their weight at the back of their paw. As a result, their muscles get strained and stressed. If this continues, they may develop muscle and joint problems. Don’t let your pet experience this. Let us take care of your pet’s walking toe nail trim needs.

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